I paint about the subtle relationships and layers of interaction between humans and the world we inhabit.

Everything tells a story.

My initial starting point could be anything from a glance between people, a spoken phrase, an emotion, a Rembrandt, a remembered song, human nature, childhood games, an evocative smell, humour. These rich and timeless themes are common to us all and I find them exciting.

Once I have the feel of an idea I draw, research, work out what I can put in and what I should leave out. I think about the content and also enjoy plotting the shapes, forms and colours. Some of my work has been very referenced to the past great painters, I wanted to learn my craft. I let the idea dictate in part, the way in which I will paint. I often start very freely with loud colours laying in the image, moving bits, adding bits and taking away. The painting is gradually built up, sometimes very layered in image and paint, elements emerge, colours and shapes find themselves. There is no beginning or end to the painting narrative - it is a moment or exchange in a tableau of suggestion.